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Free PowerPoint giveaway on improving oral communicative competence!

Updated: Feb 9

In this blog, I will share a PowerPoint presentation with you that I made for a workshop on Improving oral communicative competence. It has 21 slides and I believe is fairly self-explanatory, while containing lots of Language Coaching tips and ideas to employ with your learners. It can even be given directly to advanced learners to improve their oral communicative competence, as they will be able to follow the tips themselves.

I know I know, PowerPoint is so old school! My excuse is that I made this several years ago... but it is now as relevant as ever, I feel.

Here is the download:

BGLC Improving oral communicative competence
Download PPTX • 296KB

If you have any questions about the tips in the presentation, feel free to email me at And be sure to sign up to my Newsletter for more Language Coaching tips and insights here.

Ciao for now!



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