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Online self-paced Language and Communication Coaching courses

Course testimonial

"I decided I wanted to do Barnaby’s online language coaching course after attending one of his workshops where he explained his coaching method and talked about the importance of emotions and self-belief in language learning. That resonated with my own experience both as a teacher and a learner. I have observed numerous times learners being held back by mindset barriers and what a difference it makes when they overcome them. This course has not only helped me gain insight into language coaching but it has provided me with concrete strategies and coaching techniques that I am now using to help my coachees with very positive results. Highly recommended as a holistic approach to language teaching and learning!"

Nicoletta Boboshevsky, Madrid

Nicoletta Boboshevsky
Becca Ellis

Course testimonial

"I took Barney's Language Coaching Course after a career break to get myself back up to speed and my confidence up. I found it to be a really comprehensive overview of the most effective interventions a teacher can make; some familiar, some a little unconventional by traditional training*, but clearly effective as the live class videos demonstrate. More than that though, by putting them into an innovative systematic methodology - which is still highly personal for each client - I feel like my classes have had an upgrade, coming out more toned and streamlined. This is a great investment for teachers wanting to fast track their careers or seasoned teachers looking for validation that their natural evolution is worth more than they may think." 


*Also reassuring to see someone break ranks with anecdotal and theory-based justification on things like TTT, grammar explanations, when and how to correct, L1/L2.

Becca Ellis, Barcelona

Welcome all English language teachers! Here at BGLC we believe now is the time to consider upskilling to add language and communication coaching techniques to your skillset. Here's why:  

Take a sneak peek at an excerpt from one of the lessons on our full Language and Communication Coaching course...

Our online courses use videos of coaching sessions with real learners to train you to become a Language and Communication Coach or simply add coaching techniques to your skills as a language teacher. 

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Course testimonial

"Barnaby was my trainer when I did the TESOL Diploma in English language teaching over twenty years ago. He was knowledgeable and confident then, and I was not surprised to see the same confidence and knowledge shine through in his video courses on language and communication coaching. The full course is very professionally put together, with lots of helpful explanation videos as well as live demonstrations of the techniques a language and communication coach can use taken directly from online classes with real learners. It’s an impressive package, and one I’d say is definitely worth taking a look at if you are looking to branch your teaching out into the world of language and communication coaching"

Lindsay Clandfield, International award-winning author of ELT course books and methodology books such as Global and Interaction Online

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