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Barnaby Griffiths is an English communication consultant with extensive international experience serving both the academic and business communities.  He is fluent in Spanish and Catalan and also speaks German.  After completing university in the UK, where he was born and raised, Barnaby travelled the world teaching English and living in different Western and Eastern countries.  He also worked in Public Relations for one of the world's top car manufacturers in Germany.  Over the years, he has trained comprehensively in professional development and coaching, and has provided hundreds of professionals with tools and strategies to maximize their potential as communicators in English.

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The PROOF Method™

Barnaby's innovative PROOF Method of Communication Coaching evolved out of his passion for understanding the nuances of cross-cultural communication in English and his eagerness to help professionals find a middle ground of mutual understanding where other methods have failed. His twenty plus years’ experience of training professionals to communicate for success and consulting on academic texts for publication in international indexed journals have shaped Barnaby’s conviction that precise communication is essential to creating a better world. 

"Effective Communication Coaching requires targeted performance, analytical feedback and meaningful rehearsal. The PROOF method delivers this.”

~Barnaby Griffiths


Success Stories

I have worked with Barney for over 20 years and highly recommend his services as a language teacher trainer and communication coach. In his capacity as the former he has observed and trained a large number of our trainees and teachers to the highest level, always receiving outstanding feedback for his approach. As well as knowing how to communicate content in a unique way, he has the ability to inspire real and lasting change in his trainees.

Duncan Foord


Oxford TEFL

My colleagues from the University of Girona talked to me about Barney Griffiths and the excellent service he had provided as a translator, and I contacted him. The result was fully satisfactory. My article was not easy to translate because it was full of technicalities and words that were very typical of a society of a thousand years ago, and this had to be translated into the corresponding modern English. The relationship that Mr. Griffiths and I established by email, commenting on issues, clarifying meanings and resolving doubts was rich, diligent and profitable. I highly value Mr Griffiths’ linguistic knowledge, his willingness to dialogue with authors and his ability to enter into the subject matter and the discourse of the text to be translated, even if the subject is unknown to him beforehand. I therefore do not hesitate to recommend his services as a translator.

Josep Maria Salrach Marès

Professor at the Institute for Educational Research

Autonomous University of Barcelona

Working several years with Barney has helped me to improve my English for teaching. His coaching sessions include criteria to practice self-assessment. I have no doubt that the quality of his work as a coach has been a key element in my achieving successful results and fulfilling my personal learning objectives. I fully recommend working with Barney to improve your academic English.

Jaume Hugas

Professor of Operations, Information Systems and Data Sciences

ESADE Business School

Barney Griffiths has been my English coach and academic article translator for many years, and I am happy to acknowledge that he has contributed greatly to my achievements in the form of academic articles published in magazines of the highest rank in the JCR and Scopus and also in my English classes at the Bachelor’s and Master’s level in the Faculty of Tourism at the University of Girona and other European Universities (Matej Bel in Slovakia, Savonia in Finland, Jagellonski in Poland and Ravensburg in Germany). I would emphasize that none of the academic journals that I have sent articles to with his translation from Catalan into academic English have ever queried the language. And as a coach who has helped me develop my skills in order to teach my classes in English, he has always found the right words to give me confidence, while offering me guidelines to improve my communication, also autonomously.

Lluís Mundet i Cerdan

Professor of Tourism

University of Girona


Satisfied Clients

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"I'm a great believer that any tool that enhances communication has profound effects in terms of how people can learn from each other."  ~Bill Gates

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