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Teacher Training for Language Teachers

Training Courses and Workshops for Schools

We use video and face-to-face practical training techniques to provide language teachers with language teaching and coaching tools and strategies to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their work. Following a diagnosis of your language teaching staff's needs, we provide targeted training to equip your teachers with the knowledge, techniques and strategies they need to bring the best out of their learners.    


A selection of methodology courses and workshops requested by past clients...

✓  Making your classroom more communicative
✓  Adapting course book exercises to learners' needs

✓  Integrating pronunciation into classroom activities
✓  Effective error correction

✓  Communicative task design

✓  Effective language coaching techniques
✓  Developing oral communication skills 

✓  Improving communicative competence

✓  An effective approach to emergent language

✓  Using visualization with language learners 

✓  Emotional tools in the language classroom

✓  The benefits of rehearsal and performance 

and many more...


"I have worked with Barnaby for over 20 years and highly recommend his services as a language teacher trainer and communication coach. In his capacity as the former he has observed and trained a large number of our trainees and teachers to the highest level, always receiving outstanding feedback for his approach. As well as knowing how to communicate content in a unique way, he has the ability to inspire real and lasting change in his trainees."

Duncan Foord, Director, Oxford House Language School, Barcelona

Coaching quote

"He who wants to persuade should put his trust not in the right argument, but in the right word.  The power of sound has always been greater than the power of sense" ~Joseph Conrad

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